At NaccFitness we offer small group training through a safe and controlled environment. Within the group you will be provided with a different workout every time. We have multiple class styles to accommodate all your fitness needs. We want to make sure you get the most well rounded fitness experience while training in our studio.

We provide the following classes:


We focus on cardio and weights during these classes and taking your heart rate to a high when we do cardio and to a low when we do weights.


This is a strictly weight lifting class with no cardio. We focus on form and control in these classes.



We work on body weighted exercise, core work, then we take basic kickboxing techniques and roll them into a very high intensity class. This class is non-stop cardio class guaranteed to make you burn upwards of 400 calories.


While training in our studio we also provide long term needs as well outside of the fitness studio.

Here is what else we will provide you with:

  • Generic fitness plan that you can use for the gym or if you are away. You can choose between home or gym style fitness plan.
  • Lifestyle and nutrition plan designed towards your lifestyle and body type along with the goals you wish to achieve.
  • Coaching at a distance level, which would involve emails or phone calls.
  • Private access to the online Facebook group forum, which will help you stay motivating, engaged within the group and determined to succeed. Recipes, bonus workouts, core workouts and any questions you may have are also readily available in the group.

Interested in joining us in the studio? Send us a quick email at