Lifestyle Transformation

Tired of losing weight and gaining it back? Sick of fad diets and gimmicks? Frustrated by crazy food restrictions?

Let’s take your current diet and transform it into a relationship with food that helps you become healthier. Together I will help you understand the importance of clean eating and nurturing your body with the foods that will help you feel better on a day-to-day basis. I will help motivate and support you over a three-week period to get you started. I will have direct contact with you in order to make you become successful and allowing zero room for failure.

Holding back from fears of not eating the foods you love will be eliminated over time. You will feel amazing every day instead of on occasional days. This program will is designed to get you on the right track and push you towards your ultimate goals.

Your biggest challenge is the voice in your head saying you can’t do it. Let’s eliminate that and lets show yourself that you can do it.

The way you feel after three months of working with me will change your outlook on food. Your understanding on what works for your body will be greater than when you started. Your desire to go back to the way you ate will be eliminated and your thoughts will be stronger and more positive. You may even inspire others to do the same.

What’s Included:

The program consists of 15-20 workouts (depending on your goal, fitness level, time commitment etc.) for the first block of training. Each day has a warm up, detailed explanation of each exercise.
The meal plans coincide with each training day – Meal Plan One for resistance day, Meal Plan Two for cardio/abs etc. There is also a grocery list tailored to each individual’s dietary needs (vegan, celiac, etc.). There are suggested supplements as well – these are recommended and not mandatory.
There is a weekly check in for accountability. Once a week you will receive a detailed questionnaire on your well-being and compliance with the plan. There is a weigh in, measurements and pictures in bikini/or shorts-jogging bra as well. This will hold you accountable.
Unlimited email support is included. The first 2-3 days, you will send a food journal to ensure you understand the meal plan.

Have any questions about this program? Please check the following FAQ or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

What can I expect from the program?

Expect to feel relieved that you never have to diet again. Once completed 3 months you should understand, see a different and feel a difference in not only your body but your mental state as well.

How will I feel while on the program?

Expect to feel a little tired your first week. With just the aid of food your body will naturally be detoxing itself. This typically only lasts 2-3 days. If followed accordingly after 5 days you will naturally feel and look better. That’s the best part, we keep on going from there.

How often will you be available to answer my questions?

I am working with you to help you get the best results. Expect to hear from me within the day you have messaged me. With more than once a day uploads to the online private forum you will be able to ask questions through there as well. Weekly phone calls are also set up to ensure you get the support you need.

Will there be a lot of food restrictions?

The first week we take it back to basics. After that food restricts are minimal. You will adapt to eating healthy and eventually want to eliminate processed foods, refined sugars and refined flours from your diets, all on your own accord.

How much exercise should I expect to do?

This is the best part, your food and workouts coincide. If you want 2  days then we will provide you with 2 days a week workouts. If you are wanting 5, then we can do 5.

What type of end results can I expect?

As much as I can help provide you results, it is much determined on your self determination as well. I will coach and help you along the way and with your determination you can expect to see results within the first week, body and mind. Within 1 month you may never look back. Keep in mind this is a way of life and not a short term fix. Long term will help you keep the healthy mind and body you desire. 


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*Monthly Payment Plans are available, send me an EMAIL to find out more.