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Creating that Healthy Lifestyle Habit

Habits, we all have them.

A habit of getting up early.
A habit of going to bed too late.
A habit of eating healthy food.
A habit of eating out too often.
A habit of drinking too much coffee.
A habit of working out.

Whatever they are, we all have habits. Some of them are healthy habits, some of them are unhealthy habits. (more…)

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I was unsure about whether I should blog about this topic or not. I had to really wrap my brain around what I did in order to fully understand the how and more importantly, the why. I hid what I did from everyone and laid low while I did it. I constantly looked over my shoulder because I knew I was committing a crime. After much reflection, guilt, shame, and soul searching all I can really do is laugh. After sharing my dirty little secret with a few friends it became clear that I not only have to, but need to expose it to others because we learn from one another. (more…)

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