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Dirty Diet

Abs, abs, and more abs

I KNOW Summer is “coming” eventually, once MN (Mother Nature) figures her lifestyle out (maybe she needs more protein and yams in her life, who knows).

There is NO exercise that will create those hard abs unless you are genetically PRONE to it.


Unnecessary Extras

A year ago I was taking a multitude of supplements and vitamins; supplements that would help me with my mood, energy levels, fitness levels, hormones, and whatever else was ailing me. I carried pills around with me everywhere I went, making sure I got the supplements I was missing or not getting on my own. I began to find it stressfulremembering when, where, and how to take all these vitamins and was overwhelmed by the amount that I had on my shelves. I wondered why, as someone who ate healthy, I had to take so many supplements. With a healthy diet and exercise many of these supplements are not vital. It is important to identify your specific needs in taking supplements and understand if you will benefit from them and how. Some however, are a complete waste and to save you the money, here arfive supplements that I believe are entirely unnecessary:  (more…)

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