Here are just a few of the amazing transformations we have seen at NaccFitness:



“ I don’t post much, but wanted to share.
I have osteoporosis so bone density has always been a concern. The results from my bone density test in 2011 were not good. I had a decrease in bone density in various parts of my body. I went for a bone density test 2 weeks ago and I was amazed at the results (so was my doctor). The bone density in my spine has increased by 11%. I have taken calcium, vitamin D for many years, and have been quite active, but the biggest change for me has been strength training. Thank you Liz Naccarato for always encouraging me to challenge myself a little more and of course all the support from the Naccbabes.”
– Lyn



Danielle Hall-5“Although, I was a pretty healthy weight (133-135 lbs. & 5 ft’3) and was physically active and exercised regularly, I was a “mess” inside.
I was on a partial medical leave at work; only working until noon due to a variety of problems connected to nerve-pain medication. However, although it relieved my nerve pain, I was experiencing memory loss, a scattered brain and an inability to focus for long periods of time. As a high school teacher of high level academic subjects; this was becoming detrimental to my career.

I was also on an anti-depressant for post-partum depression and these two medications combined were a disaster for me. Although, the pain was barely there, or non-existent, I was living in a blurry world, full of highs and lows.
Enter Liz Naccarato.
Early on, I could feel my old self returning (the optimistic, positive, stronger self) that had been missing pre-baby, so with this and Liz’s support I set some goals for my mental and physical self, and I knew that I was ready to reduce and then wean completely off my anti-depressants. I did not need them now. Eating whole foods, and being on foods that supported my mental health and were also anti- inflammatory-were now my medicine. With this success, I set three big goals.
I am happily 100% medication free. Yes, I still have ups and downs but they are normal and non-concerning and part of a normal, healthy and “real” life. I crave healthy foods, clean foods and am a big advocate on healthy baking. I try to practice and share these recipes as much as I can. I also always practice, “balance & moderation” because doing so is not only realistic it is maintainable.”
– Brenda