Habits, we all have them.

A habit of getting up early.
A habit of going to bed too late.
A habit of eating healthy food.
A habit of eating out too often.
A habit of drinking too much coffee.
A habit of working out.

Whatever they are, we all have habits. Some of them are healthy habits, some of them are unhealthy habits.

I hear people saying “I could never workout in the morning/night, I don’t have time.” It’s not a matter of time; it’s a matter of habit. The people who choose to workout, eat healthy and focus an hour or two on themselves a day have created a healthy habit that they enjoy. Some may call them selfish, some may call them obsessed but if it doesn’t affect anyone else, then why should it matter to the person calling them obsessed/selfish?

The same way someone has created a habit around reading one book a month is the same habit someone has created towards working out daily.

A habit creates your lifestyle. The definition states:

“an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.”

Don’t mistake a habit with an obsession. Don’t judge a person because their healthy habit isn’t necessarily the bad habits we focus on daily (smoking, biting our nails, shopping). A habit must be done daily in order for it to be successful.

If you want to eat healthier, you must create a habit around it.

If you want to workout 4-5 times a week to keep yourself healthy, then you must create a habit around it.

A habit takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks to create. Once you create this habit, you must enjoy the habit. If it’s stressful for you to walk into a gym everyday and workout and you don’t like doing it


Here are 6 habits I love sharing with people in order to transform their lifestyles.

1. Wake up early. You become more productive. Your days are longer and are filled with more things you want to do.
2. Eat your oats/breakfast. Start your day eating a bowl of oats; this will shape and re-define your day. You will be satisfied, full, happy and your mind will be able to concentrate for longer than an hour or two.
3. Exercise. Whatever it may be, run, walk, hike, yoga, lift weights. Exercise your body and release those happy endorphins. This is YOU time and is needed for personal development.
4. Smile and be thankful. Look around you, that baby crying, that dog fur stuck to your couch, that broken mirror on your wall, all things you could think are negative are really just a sign that you are alive, you have emotions, and you are human. Be grateful for this.
5. Eat healthy. We only live once, make it count. Don’t waste your time on processed, refined sugars, and processed flour. Concentrate on eating whole foods where you are the creator of the recipe. I promise you; you will notice a difference in your body.
6. Sleep, get enough sleep. I cannot tell you how important rest is for your body. Sleeping 4 hours a night, trying to workout and lose weight won’t happen.

I challenge you to focus on the healthy habits this week vs. the unhealthy habits you may have developed over the years. If you can’t do all 6 of these habits above, choose one and focus on that.

Creating that healthy lifestyle

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