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Be Brave

The last week of January can really make or break a person. The ones who have started their new lifestyle with nutrition, fitness and overall health have either stayed on track or completely de-railed themselves. The ones who are on track are determined, motivated, and brave. They have seen a change and been shown a change in such a short period of time, but for them, there is no turning back.



Tired, cranky, and annoyed with the results you aren’t seeing at the gym? You have an amazing handle on nutrition, avoiding crash diets because you know they don’t work. You’ve been going hard at the gym but everything just feelsblah. You hit the weights hard, cardio, and are even incorporating classes for variety. You are giving fitness your all, leaving very little in your life for anything else which in turn makes you even more annoyed that you’ve spent so much time in the gym and are seeing very little results. You are banging your head against the wall in frustration and cursing your stubborn body to catch up with all the hard work you are doing. Stop, take a breath, and remain calm. You are over-training. (more…)

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