Be Brave

The last week of January can really make or break a person. The ones who have started their new lifestyle with nutrition, fitness and overall health have either stayed on track or completely de-railed themselves. The ones who are on track are determined, motivated, and brave. They have seen a change and been shown a change in such a short period of time, but for them, there is no turning back.

What about the ones who haven’t. They did it for a week and decided to just let it go and go back to their old ways. We leave these people here. I have tried to help them in the past but their minds are not ready for that complete change. These people are not the one I worry about.

The ones I worry about are the ones that are on the edge. The edge of that complete lifestyle change, yet aren’t fully sure if they can notice, 80% committed, yet they are holding back their greatness. They have that shimmer of hope inside them, yet they need a bit of a push. A phone call to see how their doing, a quick email to say “you’re doing great” or a quick wink saying “way to go”. They have it, they’re committed and they’re 100 % ready, but yet something is holding them back.

What is it?


They fear that they are not good enough to fully commit, they fear they are not worthy enough to be accepted of their change in lifestyle. They fear what others may think of their whole new perspective on life. They fear that one small slip-up will ruin their entire progress to date. They fear they do not know how to control themselves with not being 100 % committed. So what are they lacking?


Fear is the number one thing that holds people back, and balance is the key to this to eliminating this. They’re committed yet hold back because they are afraid of what could really happen if they stayed committed. The ones that continue to follow along their journey, those are the ones who are braver than most. They have eliminated the fear out of their lives, and because they have done this, they have grown themselves a little more.

Fear is a word, I aim to eliminate when working with people, and I help them overcome fear by helping them find that balance. The ones that are almost on the edge of that whole lifestyle change, you’ll see me pushing them harder, you’ll see me latch myself a little closer to them, you’ll see me push messages directly towards them. This small gesture could be the difference of them continuing on their already determined path, or just leaving it all together.

If you’re sitting there thinking, “this is me”, I want it but don’t know if I have it in me, then let me tell you this,


Be brave in your decision to continue along your lifestyle change. Be brave in seeking a small nudge, or a slight push in the right direction. There are so many people that want to help you overcome the impossible, it’s just a matter of being brave and asking.

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