I wasn’t always focused on nutrition.

I grew up on Kraft dinner, buns, meat, white bread, and sugar.

Definitely not the healthiest nutrition plan in the world.

At 18 I suddenly noticed a drastic change in myself: weight-gain, acne, stomach issues, moodiness, and menstrual havoc.

After two years of constant doctors’ visits and testing I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. In an attempt to retake control of my body, I cut out what I believed to be “bad foods” and focused on weight loss by any means possible.

I would spend hours working out, without any knowledge of nutrition. I started running long distances and would restrict myself by consuming only one to two meals per day. Unable to recognize how I was failing, I began yo-yo dieting in hopes that it would force my body into change.

Finally, at the age of 28 I was exhausted and sick of torturing my poor body. I quit my job, immersed myself into the fitness world and I started to finally fell like I was achieving the results I had always wanted. I also began to understand that nutrition was a key factor in maintaining health and a toned physique.

I started researching how to live a healthy lifestyle, and began working with a trainer who specialized in fitness competitions. This led me to a whole new way of “dieting”. At first it was great, I was eating “healthy” (never ending supply of chicken and vegetables) and maintaining my weight. As I came closer to competition, I adopted a 600-calorie diet! After trying to maintain that 600-calorie diet for long periods, I became tired and hungry, sinking back into my old routines while trying to help others become health conscious. I worked hard, but I began to wonder at what cost. I was living a lie.

Feeling defeated, I shifted my focus and became determined to help others who were just as frustrated as I was. I’m talking about YOU! I’m sure you can relate to having tried “everything”. The cleanses, detox’s, quick fixes – we’ve all been there.

It was only then that I came to appreciate the simplicity of health: back to basics, whole foods and maintainability. I went back to school to gain the right information, build the proper knowledge and and continue to work with other professionals to put this into practice.
This brings me to my WHY:

I have spent too many years in a calorie deficit, too many hours at the gym, and too many hours crying over my “weight”. So, I want to educate people like you about lifestyle change – mind, body and nutrition, and supply you with the right tools to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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